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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a video codec?
A: A codec is a way of doing digital video

Q: What about other codecs?
A: Other codecs can be incorporated on their merits.  The best method is used at each point in time.  This makes Elijah technology future-proof, allowing continued innovation.

Q: Why are the videos on this web site poor quality?
A: This website demonstrates proof of concept only, i.e. that the idea works in a crude form.  The technique used is simple but inherently blocky.  More sophisticated methods can be incorporated.  The videos on this website run at very low speed.

Q: What about audio?
A: Elijah technology  is a video codec and does not include audio, though this can be incorporated

Q: Why can't I see any video on this website?
A:Your browser may not allow java applets to run, or there may be a technical problem with this site, for which we apologise!

If you can see only this, you need to enable Java applets on your browser - you are missing out!